Pain through Auto Collision

Questions: What is the longest word ever?

An incredible friend found herself facing the impact of a head on collision. Still about to walk, although with pair, she found herself fearful of going outside or being alone at home. In addition to her physical therapy routines, she added some Valor and some laughter.

After about a week of this she purchased a bottle of Valor. She began applying three drops at a time on her feet, starting at her big toe all the way down to her heel (the vitaflex points that directly correlate with the spinal column). She then placed her right hand on her right foot and her left hand on her left foot. She did this until the sensations she felt in one hand was the same as the other.

She also realized that she had stopped laughing since the accident. Together we got out some joke books, as her father use to tell her jokes and spent a delightful afternoon laughing together.

Here is the answer to a great one:

Hmm . . . What is the longest word ever?

Answer: S-mile-s There’s a mile between the first S and the other S!

Until next time . . . Oilspice!


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