Animalscents: A Cat’s Leg

cat-32074_1280Flutter, our orange tabby, disappeared three weeks before we moved. In the middle of a heavy snow fall, three weeks after we moved, we went back to our former house. Some incredible person had found Flutter the night before and blocked her in an open garage area with some food, water and blankets. We found her very thin, dehydrated and with a cyst on her back leg.

Immediately we got some food (we prepare our cats’ food using ground chicken or turkey mixed with grains and fresh vegetables) into her when ever she asked for it, as she was able to eat only small amounts of food at a time. We also added YLEO mineral essence to her meals as well as Sulferzyme, vitamin C and enzymes. Then we put Animal Scents on her leg.

After a few days the cyst ruptured out, so we kept applying the aAnimalscents. Within a few more days the score on her leg was nearly healed over and the pain had significantly decreased. The minerals helped her regain her strength and now, a week and a half later she is walking on all four legs. There is only a very small score where the cyst ruptured out and she is eating more normal amounts of food. Our cat’s Vet has given us a thumbs up on her continued progress and rate of recovery.

We are so  happy and grateful to have such an array of incredible YLEO products to work with in both maintaining as well as regenerating the health of our pets.


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