YLEO Soap & Shampoo – Post Surgery

ShampooGoing through back surgery and being unable to take a shower or wash hair for several weeks following surgery, the family of this elderly man used YLEO Lavender bar soap and some lavender shampoo and conditioner. Preparation for the sponge bath included two basins of water and two fresh washcloths. One is used to wet and wash the body. The other is used to rinse the body after applying soap. The person receiving the sponge bath commented how quickly and easily the soap washed off his skin and how much cleaner he felt following a five-day hospital stay. Afterwards Lavender Hand and Body Lotion was applied to the entire body to help moisturize the skin.

The next project was washing his hair. As a wearing a back brace with clear post operative instructions not to bend at the waist outside of an upright sitting position. The care giver had him sit on a chair in front of the kitchen sink. In preparation for washing hair, they gathered together a blow dryer,  YLEO shampoo, conditioner, a spray bottle for water, a washcloth to sponge the scalp and a tall glass of water to dampen and rinse his long hair. First the caregiver use the spray bottle to dampen the top of the head. Next, shampoo was applied to the top of the head and worked into the scalp. To rinse the shampoo, the spray bottle was again used. A washcloth was also used to sponge any remaining soap from the scalp area followed by another round of water from the spray bottle. The long hair was dunked into a glass of water. Once wet, shampoo was again applied only to the long hair and rinsed using the glass of water. Once this was complete the entire head and length of the hair was again rinsed using the spray bottle. The processes was repeated when applying conditioner to the hair. The caregiver blew dry his hair for warmth and personal comfort. Again, the process went very quickly and easily and the man commented on how good his hair both looked and felt.

What a gift to have access to such high quality personal care products.

Until next time . . .



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